new and improved year
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Here's to a IMPROVED NEW YEAR!!!!!

Ok ,so it is not quite New Years Day yet..but I cannot wait.Something about a fresh new year makes me me new hope.


Geez,this year has gotten away from me already.It is already the 5th and I am behind schedule!! The Christmas tree is still up..and crunchy {a fire hazard I'm sure!}
Every year I promise I will take it down on New Year's day and I never seem to get it done!
Hey,it is a major accomplishment if I throw it out the front door by Easter!!

On to weight related news..I have no clue what my actual weight is..I am fitting into the 18's and consider that a goal is to fit comfortably back into the 16's by the beginning of Feb.The old man went to the Dr. today..he has had a lingering sinus thing going on..I told him to ask the Dr. for a RX for MERIDIA ...I'll let you know if he makes the score.
This coming Monday the old man and I will be travelling to Morgantown WV to have the follow up visit with the specialist @ Ruby Memorial Hospital who was in charge of Katie's birth. We will also pick up a photograph ...her first and only portrait.


Challenge starts January 4 - First Chat January 5

If you gained the "holiday 7" -- give or take a few pounds -- you may
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Starting January 4th, Better Health is offering a six week program, designed by the well-known dietitians at Green Mountain at Fox Run.

The program includes charting your food intake, determining your emotional eating triggers,
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access to the
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Join us. Sign-ups now accepted at:

I copied this info from a board..and hope some of you can use they say at "O.A"...take what you want and leave the rest!! Keep coming back...and all that..OK ..I gained the HOLIDAY "15" not "7" Gawd..these people are so unrealistic!!

The old man came home empty handed from the Dr. Yes,that's right...NO MERIDIA!! That screwy Dr. gave Rick a big speech about the EVILS of diet drugs...seems Dr. Doo-LITTLE had a few nasty lawsuits from the Phen Fen dieters and refuses to prescribe any type of "DIET AIDS" for fear of loosing his practice! Oh...for the love of GAWD!!!

My poor husband had the most dissapointed look on his face when he went over the helpful advice he recieved from his $84.00 office visit."Hon,he said basically,I could not have any diet pills ..I would have to do it the old fashioned way ,get off my fat ass and exercise,he also mumbled something about NOT eating like Chris Farley at a Sunday buffet!"

This just in... from my precious little 14 year old ...

Kris: "Mom, What year were you born?"

Mommy: "66" why?

Kris:" Nineteen 66"?

Mommy: "Of course...1966..what's up with the history questions?"

Kris: "Well, it says here on the Official Yasmine Bleath web site that she was born in 1969"

Mommy: "and so your point is..."

Kris : well,that makes her 30..just a couple years younger than you...

MOMMY: "yeah...and

Kris: Well mom..look at the picture,she looks like THAT!!..(a big Hugh Heffner sneer on his face!}

and you look like,YOU!!

Mommy: "Well..perhaps YASMINE never carried and delivered a baby the size of a small football player back in 1984...and mabe YASMINE hasn't spent the last 10 summers of her life sitting on baseball bleachers ..mabe YASMINE hates cheesecake and is repulsed by chocolate...mabe she goes weekly to get her xtra fat sucked out by her fatsucker Dr.!!!"

Kris: "God don't have to get so defensive,I was just making an observation!"
"besides I wouldn't want a BABE for a mother,I'm happy with you!"

Mommy: "I love you too..."

please scroll down for the latest entries...thanks!

Nervous Break-Down Alert!!!!!

The trip to Morgantown went ok..all things considered.It was snowing as we started out on our journey..the mountain roads were treacherous and snow covered. Most people would be upset..but I just looked at the positive aspects of it.One being that the longer it took to arrive at the Doctors' office ..the better..because I knew that it was going to be a very sad day for us both. The second reason being that we stopped at every Sheetz along the 150 mile route ..and at each one I got a "small smackeral of a snack!!" I am SUCH AN EMOTIONAL EATER!!!

We picked up the pictures of Katie..I am SO very thankful that a professional photographer took so many portraits of her...I was in such a state of shock after she was were the last thing on my mind!! I am very pleased with the portraits,and happy to have them.She was very pretty..looks like my husbands side,especially my sister-in-law.{Miss.Crazy}

The day after was not a good one,I had a mini-nervous breakdown...felt kinda overwhelmed..lack of sleep intensified everything..but I am much better today.

Well...what else is new? My best friend @ work is "*Knocked-Up"..(she uses that *expression too..I guess that's why we get along so well,we are both kinda blunt and tacky!!}this will be her 5th...she asked me to be the God-mother...I am all too happy ..I felt very honored.

So..on to weight related news...I was weighed Dr,Simmons office...(the goofy nurse thought I was still pregnant...the bitch!:} are you ready for this???
230!!!! yes..that's right..I weigh 15# more that I did the month after I delivered!!! I was not impressed! But I understand why...I have been on a real binge for the last month..and not as active I know what I need to do!!

I will re-join the gym..and get back to being commited to eating healthy and not letting myself give in to emotional eating.

Well kids...hope you all are doing fine...remember "self-improvement is not for Sissies!!"



01/15/99 10:58 pm EST


"Dianna,this is your mother"....hello...

"Dianna?" "Hello ..Oh,well mabe you are not home from work,or perhaps you are already asleep...well..anyway...I just read in the National Enquierer that on Feb 7th a huge gigantic astroid is going to hit the earth and we will all be blown to smithereens...that's right deader than doorknobs!!!"

" well I don't know about you but..if that's true..I am not wasting my final days on a diet!! Screw's not like I'm going to have to look good at my viewing 'cause we will all be waffles with xtra butter and syrup are getting me when you get this message."


*note..mother dear weighs 120 is 5'8" - consumes 900 cals a day and works out at the gym and @ home on her cardio-flex.
@52 she looks like my younger sister according to friends and strangers. Apparently her genes have skipped a generation as my son takes after her...and I have inherited the genetics of my dear great grandmother...Christina Berardino.



husband:" Ya know Hon,if you ~really~ really loved me you would make me a big giant batch of Nestl`e Toll House cookies!

wife: " Is that so?..."

husband: " Yeah,that little hunk of dough with arms and legs and a chef's cap said so!!"

wife: " You mean the Pilsbury Doughboy told you specifically that if your wife truly loves you she will make you a batch of cookies and if she won't that means she hates your guts?"

husband: " Yep,right on the commercial,he said"NOTHIN'SAYS LOVIN' LIKE SOMETHING YOUR WIFE MAKES FROM THE OVEN!!"

wife: "and we believe all commercials now?"

husband:"TV doesn't lie!"

wife: " ok,sure...I'll start on your cookies while you run down to the jewelry store...

husband: "JEWELRY STORE???!!"

wife: "yeah,you know the commercial,"TELL HER YOU'D MARRY HER ALL OVER AGAIN...WITH DIAMONDS!!"

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