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A    Foolish    Little    April    (FAD)    DIET............

Below we have a recent GUESTBOOK CONFESSION..a testimonial from a sister who has obviously,in a moment of desperation, taken leave of her senses and thrown all caution to the wind...........

From: me a/k/a Deborah "PRUITT" ( Date: Fri Apr 2 14:53:13 1999 losing weight

You are an inspiration. I have a suggestion, the total gym and an 800 calorie a day diet. It has worked for me. I've lost 30lbs in one month. thank you.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dear Misguided Sister Deborah,

Tsk,tsk tsk!! Do you not know that FAD diets are not only dangerous but COUNTERPRODUCTIVE??

You have now trained your metabolism to expect only a measly 800 caories a day and for you to work yourself into a frenzy on the Total Gym as well. I said it once,but it bears repeating...Tsk,tsk,tsk!! Slow and steady wins the race, Dear. Learn to pace yourself...I ,for example,never want to "rush" the matter of dieting,I prefer to make gradual changes..why, just this morning I started back on Slimfast,however,so as not to shock my sensitive metabolism,I enjoyed my breakfast shake with a sensible slab of chocolate cake. I know,you wonder why I am not charging you for all of these helpful diet pointers ..oh,just think of me as the older sister you never had...and never wanted!! Give yourself 400 more calories a day...and keep working on that dreadful total gym..and you'll be fine. Good luck to you!

P.s You lost 30 pounds in one month??!! Is that a typo? You are lucky all of your hair did not fall out!! Don't believe me? Just ask Richard Simmons!! You know he had to have a hair weave from Mr.Ray! You better be careful or you will need to wear a wig or even worse get your nose and nipple pierced visit a tatoo artist and become a member of your local skinhead gang!!



I think I will make April "respond to the Sister's of the Guestbook" month....seems like a good idea,seeing that I have been on my worst behavior and have no good news to report.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The following is from Lauren...I have cut and pasted her before..WOW 136 ponds lost!!! Lauren !! WHATTAWOMEN!!!

From: lauren (lawz26 Date: Tue Apr 6 11:59:57 1999 the chick with the total gym!!!!

Hi Loved the entry you made about ms. wonderful and her total gym... she lost 30 lbs in one month uh? 30 pounds of WHAT?? muscle and water mostly... even 1200 cals. is too low... the min. should be about 1400... it really itsn't the food, it is the exercise that gets weight off and keeps it off... I've lost 136 lbs but I began in dec. of 1996... it takes time and patience and hard work... YOU CAN DO IT!!!! best wishes, lauren lauren

Dear Lauren,

I know,you are so right! Personally, I think the dear girl must have been on CRACK ,,,but hey! Who am I to judge?? Wow..136 pounds lost??That is great...did you keep a journal? Or do you have a page? I am sure all of the sister's would love to visit!! If not,no problem,just write us a thorough account of how you spent all of your waking hours since 1996...and I'm sure we will benefit a great deal from that!! :} You know I am kidding...but I would love to hear exactly how you stayed motivated for the last several years!! I will post any helpful advice you send to the page. Thanks...Always a pleasure to hear from you!!


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Another sister writes all the way from London England:

From: Alice ( Date: Tue Apr 6 09:13:23 1999 Do you ever get this?

Dianna, I thought as you are a total expert on dieting, and have come across most diet related problems, you would't mind if I asked your advice? Do you do you ever get this problem? Basically, my weight is turning me into a Schizophrenic . One minute, I am terribly depressed with it all, my clothes don't fit me, etc, etc.....the next (usually when I am faced with a salad and banana for supper) I love myself, think of myself as lucky that I have a curvey full bossomed figure etc and dive into a non-diet you (or any of your reader have any advice? Thanks, and I love your pages, I read them in my lunch break to keep my mind off the job!! Yours, Alice in London, England

Dear Alice,

I am far from an expert on loosing weight...altho I am an expert @ loosing the same 100 pounds over and over again. I think what you describe is very typical for full figured chicks like us!!

I will scream and yell that I am a fat cow...moo-moo...then struggle to get dressed in clothes that are way too to the Outback (a great place to eat here} then convince myself that I am wasting away to nothing, I look like TWIGGY,and not only eat dinner,but have a lavish dessert as well!!!

Oh...the games we play!! I think the trick is wanting to be thin and healthy ...*more than* the immediate "fix" and gratification of a huge meal or senseless snack that we KNOW is not in our best interest.Mabe think of each SANE meal and SMART snack as pushing yourself closer to your goal. I do know that when I am exercising faithfully..I binge less often,because I don't want all of my "hard work" to be in vain.

Well..thanks for writing..all the way from England..I was wondering?? Do you or your girlfriends think Prince Charles is dorky looking?? Or is it just me?



Well,I guess you are wondering why the file name for this month is BOOBS...It is a test really.I was watching C-Net (a computer show on TV) and the women said that web pages that have the words "boobs,breasts,tits,hooters or assorted other "body part nick-names" get more "hits" than other pages on the web.

I guess it is not such a good idea,now that I think about it..imagine all the disapointed boob-seekers that will click onto this page...expecting to find images of big-breasted bombshells...and well,SURPRISE!! It's just me ...sure,I have big boobs,but they are not what fantasies are made of...just imagine~~~~

"Wow!! look at her..I love the way her breasts skim the top of that waistband on those plus size jeans!!" I hope they do an HBO special on this chick!! Oh and a calendar too!!" "Quick!! somebody call Larry Flynt..I think we found next months COVERGIRL!!"

Gawd!! I need to go get ready for work...

~The poem "KATIE" by: Patricia Martindale~


Several people have written to me complimenting me on the poem "I" wrote for Katie (November's Journal page)...well,I guess it was easy to miss the "fine print" that poem was actuall written by my mother {Katie's maternal grandmother} So..I will pass the compliments on to her.

My poetry on the subject of my daughter not quite so ...I don't know...accepting?I still have alot of questions,grief and anger. Dianna Good

gimme back my rose colored glasses

things are looki'n way too real

I'm not quite ready to see

that everyone's been not so honest to me

and why do we blindly believe

..the Great lies of our lives

it is for the best they say

my tiny baby had to go away "God's will"(God who?)

"she is safe in heaven"

and all those other cliches'

I 'm wondering why I ever believed

..the Great lies of our lives

excuse me friend your'e stepping on my heart

I'll just pick it up and put it back on my sleeve

sort of my emotional fashion statement

I'm trying to stop these icy tears

before they start

life cycle indeed..

I refuse to believe ..the Great lies of our lives

I need this chip on my shoulder

this anger

keeps me safe

from the pain of sad

please hold..

while I question

all the faith I've ever had

The truth is here in black and white

No grey.. ...just the Great lies of our lives 12/98 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I know..not my usual *joy&light* This looks like the work of one of my "other" personalities for sure!



Well...I have had a little trouble updating the HOMEPAGE HOUSEKEEPER on TRIPOD had a hacker visit...all of my usual links were disabled for a couple of days..

Ok...Who wants to know how my "new& improved" behavior modification is going?? Raise your hand!

Wal*Mart Supercenter April 14th 1999 ~1:36pm EST

It was a not so crowded day @ our local SuperCenter..even tho there was ample parking available up front,I chose to park in the very back of the lot.

When the expansion of the store and parking facilities were complete added oh...I'd say ,at least a mile to the parking lot.In fact on busy Friday's I've seen several people don hiking boots and a knapsack...halfway to the main entrance they "rest-a-spell" .

Some pitch tents to get some shut eye...others start a bon-fire and roast marshmallows.I've even seen young hoodlums "scooter-jack" the Sr.Citizens.. to joyride to the front ...

Well..I was feeling strong,like I said,I parked all the way in the back..and BRISKLY SPRINTED to the door. (Knowing every little bit of movement counts) I made it thru all the aisles ..avoiding temptation at every corner.When who should appear,dressed in the familiar blue and grey work clothes with the trademark baseball cap??


Oh..usually he was a sight for sore eyes..usually I dashed over to him to tell him just how ecstatic I was to see him ~or more SPECIFICALLY~ how ecstatic I was to see his freshly baked cakes and pies~ Sometimes,since I am such a good customer,usually buying in bulk.He would even put bright red "special" stickers on the boxes of my choice ,my own private little bakesale!

Today was different,today I LIKENED it to "bumping into" an old flame.Who I knew I shouldn't have feelings for ..because for the most part he was a miserable pig..that brought me brief moments of intense pleasure ..but for the most part PAIN! But...still..a small part of me is think'in "just one more time...for old time's sake!"

He greeted me,with his usual flair."Hey bout'this weather? 80's one day 40's the next..crazy huh?"

"Yeah,great day for a brisk walk.."

"I don't have any specials on Family packs,but I do have 2 for a dollar TastyPies..those are your favorite right?"

" know it! But I am trying to avoid sweets ..You know for LENT."

"Lent? isn't that over? Hey..your not leaving me for Little Debbie are you?I know she's cheap..but she's no Tastykake.'

"Nope,I'd never dump you for Debbie.I'ts just,well,the Pope saw his shadow so there are 10 more weeks of Lent"

I don't know why I did not tell the truth..did I think the Tastykake man was blind to the obvious fact that I could stand to loose..oh,say 80 pounds or so?

I felt a sense of loss,our relationship had changed,I thought about grabbing a few Tasty-Klairs ..I could see he felt jilted...

But alas;I remained strong !!

We said our farewells,and I walked away slowly but surely.I did not look back,for fear that I would have a change of heart.

Oh..a bittersweet goodbye my dear Tastykake man...a bittersweet goodbye indeed.


It is 5:12 am EST


Good news sisters ..I am down 5 pounds!! Wee-HA! I have been very motivated for the last two weeks .We received a new menu item @ work...Delicious Macaroni & Cheese...all the co-workers RAVED about it...they offered me some and I declined...I am being very serious about "staying on the program" I know that if I stray ..I am more likely to binge.

I know that you have all heard this before...but water...water is so important..alot of times I will feel like I am starving to death after work..but then I realize..I "forgot" to drink as much as I should have and I am actually dehydrated. Geez...all these years..I could have been thin and hydrated instead of fat and THIRSTY!! I know,,it's not that simple,but I think it is at least part of it.

I was SOOOOOOO mad today...I was prepping all of the salad bar items ...while enjoying our local radio station with it's Classic Rock & Roll format..and the DJ just ,well,he pissed me off !!

He mentioned Aretha Franklin,and explained that she had requested "help" dressing for an upcoming performance..he went on to describe what a cow she had become..and how disgusting she looked her breasts were way too huge... He said if he was that gigantic,he'd need help dressing on and so forth..He failed to mention all of her inredible talent and her many accomplisments.

I was furious!! It's not that I think he should not joke around ..mabe' he could have said something a little more "Aretha ,Honey...lay off the Twinkies.." He was just plain mean!!

I was right in the middle of washing mushrooms when this thoughtless slob was doing his Aretha bit..I stopped and looked at the speaker..then looked at my co-worker who was already looking at me..I guess he knows me welL enough to expect that it would rub me the wrong way. He just shook his head...I started yelling "CALL THAT JERK RIGHT THIS INSTANT AND TELL HIM WHAT A THOUGHTLESS PIG HE IS" DOESN'T HE THINK FAT PEOPLE HAVE FEELINGS??" BOYCOTT -BOYCOTT-BOYCOTT!!!!

I'ts not like he is a Shock - Jock..I would expect that from a Howard Stern type...and the worst part is :I don't even think it was FUNNY!! So if that was his goal..he missed it!

I gotta go find the e-mail for that guy !! as Mom - Mom used to say " I'm gonna give him what-for" (I never knew what she meant by it either) xxooDianna


This Colorado High school tragegy has been so upsetting. I cannot imagine what ALL of the parents and siblings are going thru right now. I made my son ride in a child safety seat until he was almost 6 years old . He wore helmets for biking..knee pads and elbow pads for roller-blading. He is in the house the minute the "street lights" come on. I taught him how to look both ways before crossing,and never to take candy or a ride from strangers.

We try so hard to protect our children from the moment they are born . What could have been done to protect those innocent kids? They were simply attending classes at a school that previously had no record of a gun or violence problem.

As Mom-Mom used to say "Sometimes I think this world is going to hell in a hand-basket!!" ( I think I finally understand what she meant by that)

Tuesday April 27,1999

Oh...for the love of Gawd!! I am just now recovering from our weekend!! Our day off together is Sunday..and we enjoyed a day at the Charles Town races {yes,the evil slot machines!!}

We were on our way home,to enjoy our ~SENSIBLE DINNER~ and all of a sudden...the family sedan turns into "IMPROMPTU CONTINENTAL FLAMBE!" Ugly black smoke started pouring from both exhaust pipes..and it made a coughing choking hissing noise.

The Ol' man wanted to binge while we waited for the towtruck..he needed a fix...but we remained strong until Steve our friendly towtruck operator arrived. He looked like Barney Fife...I breathed a sigh of relief as we were going to ride with him in the cab of the tow truck "It's a good thing your a little fella " I said,"or else we all may not fit " The Ol' man interjected cheerily "I've been on Slim*Fast for three weeks now...we should have no problem"

I spent the next 28 miles contorted in a very unnatural position between Steve and my husband..trying to maintain my sense of humor while they talked about Nascar,Diesal engines and assorted guy stuff. was male bonding at it's finest.

The family sedan is still waiting to be diagnosed..our mechanic was not in he spends every Monday fishing....I gotta go light a candle and take deep cleansing breaths!!!


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