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Lifestyles    of    the    bloated    and    retaining...


Oh my gawd...I am officially a member of the "old" generation.I was @ work last night when I discoved this fact. The kids on the grill decided to bring in a casette tape of "rip your head off and stomp on it RAP Music" I think they call it "hard core" Let me say this...I love and appreciate all music to a certain point..I even think Will Smith and Queen Latifah produce a catchy tune now and it isn't that I am closed minded...but this stuff was hideous...I thought I was gonna get brain damage after an hour of this stuff.

Still doing well as far as eating and activity...I am feeling way tired tho..and needing more sleep than usual..

Have you ever sucked up the cord to the mini-blinds with the Hoover and ripped the blinds outta the holder and have them smash into your head? ...just asking.....

Hang tough....    will    not    believe    this...


We were kicked off of AOL again..yes, I guess when they say "goodbye forever,we hate you and don't want your crummy 20 bucks a month"...they really mean it!

So,here I am..back on MSN....I like MSN..but the old man prefers AOL because he was familiar with it....oh well..and I have ...yet another new e-mail use a pencil as opposed to ink when noting that address,as you all know this information can change within the hour....UGH!!!!

Well..I know I have not been the faithful journaller lately..I have no excuse ..I have been neglecting to give my self the time I need to sit down and formally reflect on my days..and record my toughts and feelings..and it sucks! I miss this part of my day very much..and I will make an effort to set aside a specific time each day to journal.

I have to pay a bunch of bills today..mostly all of the ones that are red and oarnge...and say nasty little things like "send us many hundreds of dollars or we will take your phone away..turn off your lights ... and tow away your family sedan" OK so I am paraphrasing..but you get the idea..I think I would like to send everyone 6 months worth of payments at once..paying bills twice a year would be a good thing...If I had my way..everyone would be on "auto-pay" and I would never be late.As it is only a few are set up on direct pay right now..those are the only one's that are never late..

Well..the energy level is OK..not great,I have been pushing myself lately..and I have been having alot of "ALL DAY sickness"...the phrase "morning sickness" would be quite an understatement.

I need to start looking for maternity clothes..a lady reccomended "PICKLES" I will try that first. I am still fitting into 16's a little snugly...and 18's are way I am content.. I had an appointment scheduled to see the mid-wife Monday..but the office called to cancel..someone had the nerve to go into labor and the midwife had to hang out @ the I will know more this coming Monday.

Ok are you ready for my latest career development..I think I am finally going to go to real estate classes...mabe be a buyers agent..who is something I have always had an interest in..I will keep you posted.I could always go back to photography too..but the hours at Ruby's are way too long and not flexible enough ..I figure I would miss way too much stuff that will be going on with the baby being away for 10-12 hours at a time.

We are trying to decide on a floorplan for the new house...I have certain things I really ceramic tile and a huge old man just wants his recliner and remote in close proximity to the 'fridge..he ,honest to gawd ,wants our bedroom to be adjacent to the kitchen..his friends parents had that set-up and he has always liked it....

Speaking of the old man...we were both sicker than sick Monday..must have been some kind of 24 hour thing..and I'm telli'n are big babies when they get least mine is...whine,whine ,whine!!! I happen to get pissed off when I am sick..because I cannot do the things I need to do...It was terrible that we were sick at the same time...I felt bad that I wasn't able to play Florence Nightengale...

Well...I have alot more to share..but I will save some for Thursday.... Hang tough...and thanks for all of the well wishes and advice...I appreciate all of you!!!

investors wanted....


I have ,if I must say so myself,a fabulous idea for a new baby safety product....I have been advised to keep this idea a secret until I apply for a patent...I am sorry that I cannot tell you what it is.But I will say this,it is inspired by my intense feelings of anxiety and paranoia.When I had Kris @ 18 I was a total bag of worry and anxiety ...instead of mellowing with age,I think I have gotten worse,I have been around the block so to speak...I gotta get a grip!!

The old man thinks twins,preferably a girl and a boy would be great..I smiled,while nodding in agreement..and secretly wishing a kidney stone upon him!!! What the hell is he thinking?? I'm feeling overwhelmed at the thought of one bundle...let alone a double bundle of joy!!!

I am having days when I am eating like a piglett,followed by days when I have no appetite at all...I find out today how much I gained in the last couple of weeks.It is reccomended that I only gain 15 -20 pounds since I am starting out weighing so much...hah!! If I can get through this with only a 20 lb gain it will be nothing short of a miracle....

Work sucks!! I have never worked at a place with such hostile co-workers!! a fight breaks out every time ya turn around!! sometime I think I work at the post office !!!! If I didn't need the health insurance so much I wouldn't go back...I would turn in my oh-so -attractive baseball hat and be done with it!!

I checked on line for Real Estate companies to possibly work for ..Century 21 looks good.My late grandmother Marie worked for Coldwell Banker...what do you guys think?? What companies do you like?? Please let me know.

Well ...I will let you know how it goes at the Maternity Center...cross your fingers!! Hang tough!!

pounds    and    needles.........

Monday with Mary the Lab Tech

Mary: "You gained one pound"

Me: " is better than 12"

Mary: "We need to take some blood" "please do not hit or kick me,those are my only rules"

Me: "oh..blood-work doesn't bother me Mare"

"WHOA!! that'sa really big needle ya got poked in my arm Mare!!!"

MARY: "no..this is small"

ME: C'mon Mare..admit it..The vet uses smaller hypo's than's HUGE!!! ..."Can I have one of those mousie stickers?"

Mary: "No.. Only give those to the patients that don't whine"