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I have tried to update..but I lost the last two entries before they were saved..I am having a hard time getting used to is a little different than AOL. I forgot to disable the call waiting and a telephone call kicked me off line..and I lost one of my long winded entries.The other time I forgot to hit "save page" and I lost that update as well.

This could be from lack of sleep...I have been working the 4-2 shift..and it is hard to adjust to getting home @ 2 am ...sometimes 3:30 on weekends...and just go right to sleep..but,I cannot sit down to the computer when I get in because I feel compelled to throw a load of clothes in the wash..and take a long hot shower...and I swear I have carpal tunnel of the feet.

This new work schedule is causing me to do all kinds of crazy things,the other night I was asleep for a couple of hours,and for some reason I got up and started ripping all the covers and sheets off of the bed..and taking the pillows out of the cases...the old man thought I had really lost my mind..I had even taken the linens I managed to get out from under him to the hallway ...When I finally "woke up" he explained what I had done in my sleep. This was all too bizarre!

I have had a wicked case of the flu..that is now turning into one of those lingering kinds of things..I have tried every thing Robitussin,Nyquil,Dayquil,Vicks 44d,Tylenol,Advil...nothing worked as far as the coughing and keeping me awake...but the 44D did give me a nice buzz...I mistakenly took a double dose..Instead of reading the directions I just filled the little cap/cup to the top line...and then read the directions when I started to feel like I just had a few martini's...I got a little paranoid..but decided it was safe to not bother poison control with my accidental overdose.. as I am still the size of two small adults.

I still have very little appetite..and I have had lots of energy.I have been taking vitamins called "ONE SOURCE" from Wal*Mart..they seem to be helping a great deal..I am also staying away from dairy for the most part..and I am trying to get calcium from other sources.

I am wearing a size 16 White Stag trouser..and my blouse is a 14/16. I still have not weighed in...and it is still working well. When I started the page I could not even zip or button size 22 jeans..I think my highest size ever was a 24..but it could have been higher,because at a certain point when the 24's got snug I switched to sweats because I refused to buy a larger size.

My biggest fear is that I will relapse back into my old habits..or become depressed again..I am still doing the positive self talk thing..that really helps alot...

Well..until next time sisters..{are there any brothers out there? I don't mean to be sexist?) STAY STRONG...xxoo



A bun is in the oven...knocked up....with child...preggers...expecting...the stork is on the way...the baby fairy smiled upon us.... WE ARE HAVI'N A BABY!!!!!

JESUS MARY & JOSEPH...(and a few wise men thrown in too!!!!)

Surprised...that would be an understatement!!! We tried for over 3 years to luck.Then we decided that it was ok...Kris is 13...and in a few years he would be in high school,we would have SWEET FREEDOM!!! We consoled ourselves with all of the positive aspects of NOT having an infant..a toddler...a preschooler...blah -blah-blah!

Well..I gotta get used to this idea...I am HAPPY..but very nervous..I am imagining that the poor baby will have to help me get my walker out of the car when I drop her off @ pre-school. I can almost hear the teachers now "Oh Mrs. Good...what a lovely grandchild you have" OK...I know I am being too ridiculous....

When I got pregnant with Kris I weighed 130 # I had just finished a year long high protien diet...I was in a size 10 the time I delivered I weighed almost 300 # ...the Dr. said he had never seen a women gain so much weight so fast in his life!! (It is a talent of mine) I am ...wearing size 16 in reasonable comfort...and I plan to keep it that way!I am not going to restrict calories...but I will eat healthy...and continue to exercise....

My new e-mail address is I can't figure out how to change it with tripod...That's why the KAANDLESTIX address is still showing up....

Well kids...hang tough..send me any advice you might have about being preggers...keep the faith!!

xxooDianna is my LATEST E-MAIL address.... RT

07/21/98 ...I am adopting Clinton's don't ask don't tell policy about WHY I am on AOL again after being so mad..not to mention being kicked off...

Well I was off today...did the in-law was pretty nice..everyone just happened to have the day off today...and those of us that didn't..... called in sick...not to mention any names...but,remember my mother in law...Miss.Daisy??? It was her daughter.."Miss.Crazy" not that she has much to do when she actually does go into is a goverment job!!( My apologies to any readers who are goverment workers....and actually "work") So it felt like a Sunday afternoon cook-out instead of a Tuesday afternoon..I had two tomato sandwiches and ear of corn....TWICE!! I ate when I first got there and then again right before I left...this morning I had a troft-o-cereal and lots of milk...I eat alot more on my days off than I do @ work.

I have a serious case of carpal tunnel going in both of my hands...a little more in the right than the left....this is serious...unlike my feet...that just needed to get used to hauling my big ass around for 10 - 12 hours a day...pretty much non-stop....

Feelin' great...altho I have been nauseous...I am still pretty good on energy...knock wood...and I still fit into the 16's but they are getting a wee bit snug....



my    boobs    feel    like    they    are    in    vice    grips..and    my    hands    look    like    I    am    wearing    baseball    mits...other    than    that...

I am just fine....... 07/25/98

The powerball jack pot is up to 195 MILLLION....that would buy alot of nice baby clothes!!!

I glanced @ a few ads for maternity clothes...the sizes stopped @ an XL...What??? Am I the only fat women that's knocked up in America?? I need to find a source for "chunky chick" maternity fashions....I remember living in a huge denim jumper for the last three months with Kris...a few days after I delivered I literally threw that sucker in the fire place...and happily watched it turn into ashes!!

I am reading a magazine {FIT PREGNANCY} and according to the diets listed I have been overdoing my calories...they reccomend under 2000 for the first three months and a little over 2500 for the last 6...I have been giving myself a generous 2500 a day....

I need to start walking more altho I do get a pretty good work-out by just going to work I know walking and mabe even some light weight work would be a good thing for me now.

Well,I just wanted to check in real quick...I gotta go heat up a couple of hot water bottles and slap 'em on my boobs.....


MARY:" Well Mrs. Good , let's check your blood pressure shall we?'

me:" Sure..."

MARY: "hmmm...looks like 120 over it usually higher?'

me: "Only when my husband has a day off and spends the entire afternoon calling the Home Shopping Network "

Mary :" I see... Ok,would you like to step on the scale now?"

me:" Well, a matter ah fact ,I wouldn't!"

(It took a few seconds for this to sink in)

Mary:"oh..I know what you mean honey....ha-ha- ha" (I start to remove my shoes} "Oh..don't take your shoes off..leave them on..."

Me: "ok..but I am deducting 5 pounds from the total..these shoes are not as light as they look!" And this outfit is a good 7 pounds of material...this is heavy duty denim I 'm wearing...."

MARY " mmmm looks like 2 hundred and 13 "

Me:" I think the springs in this scale must be shot Mare...You figure you got about 15 or 20 way pregnant women stepping on this sucker every day....we better call a repair-person in and get it checked..what do ya think Mare?"

Mary: 'I think I'ts gonna be a an interesting 7 months..."

Me " I'll take that as a compliment"

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