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no    excuses.........I    am    not    worthy......

Sunday July 25,1999

Oh....what a month it has been! I HAVE tried to update 2 times...once after my son installed a newer version of AOL. He forgot to disable the call waiting and I was kicked off before I "saved page" The other time the ol' man did not know I was on line and picked up the phone to dial out...I was bumped off line and lost the entry. Oh...and one more time when the electricity went out 7 times in a 24 hour period! At first I thought I had forgotten a turn-off notice. I need a battery back-up for the computer...and my alarm clock. I was over an hour late for work...on a Friday!

Well...let's see..earlier this dad had a mild stroke( while at work at the auto body shop) After my brother picked him up from the floor ,he immediately announced (in slurred speech) "I am way behind schedule with the truck I am painting " and proceeded to make his way to the paint booth .In his opinion ,he felt fine .Altho his arm was so swollen that he could have been a side show at the circus. As hard as he tried,my brother Michael was not convincing Dad that he needed to go to the hospital.So he promptly called in the Big Guns (my sister in law ) Jennifer...who promptly body slammed Dad into her vehicle and took him to the hospital. Testing revealed that this was his second stroke,he may have had the first one in his sleep. It measured a 6 on the stroke scale. All I can say is that I am SO VERY HAPPY that my dad is ok.

I have a dad that refuses to accept that he is a mortal..and will never go to the doctor unless he is pushed,pulled prodded or towed! And a husband that will take to his bed and call into work for sick leave if he has an ingrown toenail or a case of the sniffles.

As hard as I try..I think I will NEVER EVER agree with the concept of death! I think there should be another alternative....yeah,yeah...I know all about the theory of well as the promise of "eternal life" if you accept and believe in Christ as your personal saviour. Don't get me wrong.... I am just upset with the way things have to be...everyone says " death is a part of life...people need to die or we would run out of room and resources" YEAH!! WHATEVER!! I say we should have spare planets and never run outta room! Or else entire families should be born together and CROAK together!!! I have also never agreed with the feminist theory that God is a women!! I think things would have been set up differently if that was the case. I do think there must have been a female consultant ,say, on landscaping design issues...but that's about it. I am probably setting my self up for an eternity spent without Ben & Jerry's Bovinity Divinity and TWIX after that last paragraph..I mean no disrespect by questioning the Ultimate Authority... I just have questions...that's all.

I have been working alot of OT for the past several weeks...63 hours a week dogz are barki'n!!!! On to weight related news....I am down to 213......weee HA! I fit into the 16's again and the 18's are pretty loose. You do the math...numbers are not my strong point.252-213=___ Well...sisters...hang tough!!

I originally shared the story of my new addiction ..hence the title of this months page.. with a sub topic of compulsive behavior ..but those were the entries that were I will add that later... I will give you a hint....CHA-CHING...CHA-CHING !!! $ $ $