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Hello Dear Faithful Readers...

Between the overtime at work ,feeling the need to SNORT PROZAC and dealing with a husband who bought a fifteen dollar cheesecake to celebrate Memorial Day..I have been in a bit of a funk lately.

I am still holding steady @'s a WONDER!

The good news is that my son is on his way to High School in the fall with a 3.75 GPA and the highest scores in the school on the Physical Fitness Challenge . ~OH THANK YOU GAWD FOR RECESSIVE GENES!!! ~

I am contemplating a job change..It has been a solid year and I am still not so thrilled with my current occupation!

I hope you all are doing well...I am sorry that I stayed off-line for such an extended period of time..I will try to update atleast every other day...... Hang tough sisters...xxoo

Martinsburg   Fitness   Center      FIRE!!!!!


Greetings Sisters...... I have some(smile)really (snort/laugh/giggle) BAD news to report...MY HEALTH CLUB CAUGHT ON FIRE ...yes, the doors have been closed for over a month now!!! Of course,I just found out about it yesterday! I swear..I didn't do it,nor did I pay any one to do it for me.

Perhaps you noticed that I ~just~ found out *yesterday* that the club has been closed for a month..(Angela Lansbury has nothing on you guy's!) So you already know that I have not been to the gym lately. In fact,I found out from a guy in line @ Wal*Mart. He was furious that the gym had not re-opened after only two weeks,so he purchased another membership to Gold's Gym .

He was telling me he got a great deal,and he was "sure I was as disgusted as he was that he had to wait two L---o---n--g weeks to work out at a gym"

I tried to hide my delight and appear as disgusted as I possibly could,obviusly this Billy Blanks wannabe was not REALLY SEEING me or SENSING my true essence!

My thoughts are screaming!!!!! I'm think'n Helll-ohh...yoo-hoo Mister,does it look like I am saddened by the fact that the gym is now a pile of ashes? I make a mental note to take out a "HAPPY ADD" in the local paper.I now have a bona~fide excuse to not work out!

I have been working alot of 10,12 and 14 hour days,so "formal" exercise is not an option,literally though ,if I add up the time spent OFF of my feet not walking around during a work-day,it would be about 15 minutes 20 @ the most. I have been eating pretty sensibly,unless you count the Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate Bar that I HAD to consume for medicinal purposes only. Down to 217.......200 is right around the corner! It should take 'til the end of July to reach that goal.. The one year anniversary party for work was held yesterday (pool-side) Employees from other stores were imported to cover our store for the party. Luckily the kitchen was short staffed and I volunteered to work and arrive at the party a little more than fashionably late! (10 pm as opposed to 3pm)One of my favorite servers, Maggie, had on a tiny little bikini..she is very thin..I announced that I had that exact bathing suit at home and was going to wear it but I changed my mind,and lucky for her, cuz we all know who that bathing suit would look better on! Everyone laughed hysterically! As I write this it reminds me of a line from a Bill Murray movie...when some one asks him "What the hell kind of clown are you anyway?" and he replies.......

"The kind of clown that's crying on the inside"


Thanks for the visit!!!!!!