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MAY          THE          DIET          FAIRY          SMILE          UPON          YOU..   

05/01/98 MAY is upon the end of this month it will be 6 months that I have been,HEALTHY to speak..if I hadn't fallen off the HLS wagon so many times I may have had a pretty decent loss to report by now.I am planning on staying on track this month ...cross your fingers. My sister in law and my mother in law are dragging me to the TROPICANA this coming week...yes,you all know how I hate to gamble and I'm just going so as not to dissapoint them...HA! NOT! Last time I went I was the designated- driver and we did an all-nighter as opposed to checking in to the hotel. I did not IMBIBE...this time we are staying two nights..So I may have a hard time passing up the complimentary cocktails...with the little umbrellas and cherries...I always get extra cherries!! I NEVER think about food at the Casino...all I think about are the poor mother in law has to grab my arm and drag me to the buffet...really..I kid you not. So.this leads me to the conclusion that I would be a thin women if only I could have an unlimited supply of quarters!!!

05/02/98 Oh dear..another rainy weekend..I'm starting to think we moved to Seattle and nobody told me...Same stuff,different weekend.I'm going to be strong today...drink lotsa water and stay away from all the evil binge triggering foods...the foods I hate to love!!! Me and the old man went to Sheetz this morning ...we were playing the scratch off lottery tickets...and we won a few bucks...then he spotted an M&M's display..and being the clever man that he is...decided that we should buy 30 bags of candy for 59 cents a piece because each package gives you a chance to win $1000,000.and if you do not win at least you have the candy...instead of just a loosing ticket to throw away....YEAH....NICE TRY,but I'd rather throw away the tickets than gain 20 pounds trying to win the M&M game....I pushed him outta the store before he could buy the candy.The people at the Sheetz think we are nuts...

05/03/98 The POWERBALL jackpot is up to 56 million dollars...if you buy a ticket and win based on my hot tip..please send my share of the millions to PO BOX 1463 Hedgesville,WV 25427.In care of "THE WOMEN WHO HAS WAY UNREALISTIC EXPECTATIONS ABOUT GAMBLING" I am starting to think I need to call 1-800-GAMBLER....I'll do that right after I call Smoke-Enders ...and AOL Anonymous.

On to serious news..I have talked to several women who have lost a considerable amount of weight and are keeping it off...and they all say the same thing.THEY EXERCISE between 45 -60 minutes EVERY DAY..religiously...without fail!! None of this..."well,perhaps I'll stroll around the jogging track a few times" I need to get back to the gym no matter how painful it is for me!! I'll keep you posted.

And finally...I found another JOURNAL...this women puts me to shame..She is doing SSSSSOOOOOOO GOOD!!!

I am way envious...but I am happy for her.. and willing to share this page with you hope that it will inspire you as it did me!

Ciao for now!

05/04/98 Sometimes memories just pop into my mind...out of the this morning ..I remembered a girl named Jenny who wore a silk screened t-shirt to high had a beach scene at sunrise with seagulls on said "TODAY IS THE FIRST DAY OF THE REST OF YOUR LIFE" one of our group..can't remember who now,possibly me,added the line "SO DON"T SCREW IT UP!!" to the end of it...and we would repeat it whenever we wanted to break into mass fits of what it's worth...TODAY IS THE FIRST DAY OF THE REST OF YOUR LIFE...DON"T SCREW IT UP!!!

I    am    CURED!!!


I will NEVER go to Atlantic City again...I SWEAR!! Here is a brief description of my trip.... 8 am- Mother -in-law calls while I am vacuuming carpets (I always feel compelled to clean the sty before a trip..just in case I don't make it back in one piece...}tells me to BE READY @ 8:45 sharp..

I RUSH thru the rest of the inside chores and go outside to spruce up the family sedan...I de-trash and check the oil..all systems go..8:45 ..9am ...still travel companions finally show up...

After throwing the bags in the trunk we go to the bank and the 7-11 and finally to the Exxon to gas up the sedan...we hit the interstate @ hour behind schedule.

It seems like we stopped every 10 miles for my sister in law to pee..and my mother in law {GAWD love her} was sitting in the back of the Lincoln telling me how to drive...By the time we hit the Delaware Memorial Bridge I decided I could Title this journey "DRIVING MISS.DAISY"

We have been to Atlantic City no less than a 1/2 dozen times..however we seem to go a different way every other time..we changed drivers @ the Bridge and my sister in law drove the rest of the way..we took a wrong turn and ended up on a back road ,still going in the right direction,but it was "the SLOW WAY" so for the next 30 miles we listened to the driver bitch because was raining,we were going the long way ,and she had to pee...AGAIN!

We finally arrive @ the TROP...long story short I won three little "jackpots" one for $100,one for $200 and the other for $250..however I knew if I kept playing I would win THE BIG ONE...ha! not even close I put all the money back and then some.

I will never play Slots again! SLOTS ARE EVIL!!!!

Me and Ruth Ann were going to browse around downtown A.C. but Miss.Daisy said we couldn't because if we set foot on that street we would surely be stabbed to death..they STAB all tourists in A.C according to Miss.Daisy.

We did walk the we were allowed to get some exercise in..

On the trip home we went thru torrential visibility ..I had truckers blowing the airhorn and flashing me on I-95 I was in the granny lane going 10 miles over...classic ROAD RAGE according to Miss.Daisy.

Well..there you have mini-vacation from hell...Never Again!

I got a few additions to the BFBE they are... 1. if you have ever, in your haste to gorge yourself,found yourself holding the last piece of a Family sized thick crust pizza (that you ate all by your lonesome), before you realized it didn't contain the sausage you ordered.

2. If you consider Cheez Whiz, Ritz Crackers, Bacon, Eggs Benedict, and a double chocolate fudge brownie sundae to encompass all five of the food groups.................S.A.ROWE

- When you go to McDonald's, you pretend to be reading you order from a piece of paper, so it looks like you will be taking the food home to a group of people!

- You go to the bakery and have a birthday cake made up for an imaginary person! "Happy Birthday Rob!" Just so you can eat it all yourself............SKINNY107

19. If you consistently try and make your children believe that THEY were the ones who woofed down all the treats YOU bought for them.....

20. If you find yourself saying that you have no idea why there is a GIANT hunk of chocolate cake (with teeth marks) in the drawer under the oven......Michelle M.

There you have it!! Talk to ya Sunday..


We will be going to Miss.Daisy's house husband wanted to get her a " lawn frog" but I talked him out of that and we decided on a gift certificate to the OUTBACK...

We will be doing hot dogs on the I am safe from a day of hot dogs are my least favorite food.

It is still rainy here..Miss.Daisy swears "THEY MUST HAVE LAUNCHED THE SPACE SHUTTLE AGAIN" and that is what we owe all the rain husband agrees,,the apple doesn't fall far from the tree!

Have A Groovy Day.

05/12/98 O.k.. the POWERBALL jackpot is up to 80 MILLION $$$ My old man is hoping his ticket is a winner so he can hire a gourmet chef ...he also wants to hire a guy to WORK OUT FOR HIM...yes,he does live in a dream world!!

I have been doing ok fat and calorie wise..and I have gotten a little activity in here and there but I am still not making myself do an hour a day of genuine fat-burning muscle building exercise!!

05/13/98 I am probably about to break 15 different copyright laws...but some one from the "diet list" mailed me this today..and I liked it so much I want to share it with everyone...I should point out that alot of the things on the list I need to RE-LEARN...I would like to know who created if anyone knows..please e-mail me with the info! > I've learned - > that you cannot make someone love you. > All you can do is > be someone who can be loved. > The rest is up to them. > > I've learned - > that no matter how much I care, > some people just don't care back. > > I've learned - > that it takes years to build up trust, > and only seconds to destroy it. > I've learned - > that it's not what you have in your life > but who you have in your life that counts. > > I've learned - > that you can get by on charm > for about fifteen minutes. > After that, you'd better know something. > I've learned - > that you shouldn't compare > yourself to the best others can do > but to the best you can do. > > I've learned - > that it's not what happens to people > that's important. It's what they do about it. > I've learned - > that you can do something in an instant > that will give you heartache for life. > > I've learned - > that no matter how thin you slice it, > there are always two sides. > I've learned - > that it's taking me a long time > to become the person I want to be. > > I've learned - > that it's a lot easier > to react than it is to think. > I've learned - > that you should always leave > loved ones withloving words. > It may be the last time you see them. > > I've learned - > that you can keep going > long after you think you can't. > I've learned - > that we are responsible for what we do, > no matter how we feel. > > I've learned - > that either you control your attitude > or it controls you. > I've learned - > that regardless of how hot and steamy > a relationship is at first, > the passion fades and there had better be > something else to take its place. > > I've learned - > that heroes are the people > who do what has to be done > when it needs to be done, > regardless of the consequences. > I've learned - > that learning to forgive takes practice. > > I've learned - > that there are people who love you dearly, > but just don't know how to show it. > I've learned - > that money is a lousy way of keeping score. > > I've learned - > that my best friend and I can do anything > or nothing and have the best time. > I've learned - > that sometimes the people you expect > to kick you when you're down > will be the ones to help you get back up. > > I've learned - > that sometimes when I'm angry > I have the right to be angry, > but that doesn't give me > the right to be cruel. > > I've learned - > that true friendship continues to grow, > even over the longest distance. > Same goes for true love. > > I've learned - > that just because someone doesn't love you > the way you want them to doesn't mean > they don't love you with all they have. > I've learned - > that maturity has more to do with > what types of experiences you've had > and what you've learned from them > and less to do with how many > birthdays you've celebrated. > > I've learned _ > that you should never tell a child > their dreams are unlikely or outlandish. > Few things are more humiliating, and > what a tragedy it would be > if they believed it. > I've learned - > that your family won't always > be there for you. It may seem funny, > but people you aren't related to > can take care of you and love you > and teach you to trust people again. > Families aren't biological. > > I've learned - > that no matter how good a friend is, > they're going to hurt you > every once in a while > and you must forgive them for that. > I've learned - > that it isn't always enough > to be forgiven by others. > Sometimes you have to learn > to forgive yourself. > > I've learned - > that no matter how bad > your heart is broken > the world doesn't stop for your grief. > I've learned - > that our background and circumstances > may have influenced who we are, > but we are responsible for who we become. > > I've learned - > that sometimes when my friends fight, > I'm forced to choose sides > even when I don't want to. > I've learned - > that just because two people argue, > it doesn't mean they don't love each other > And just because they don't argue, > it doesn't mean they do. > > I've learned - > that sometimes you have to put > the individual ahead of their actions. > I've learned - > that we don't have to change friends > if we understand that friends change. > > I've learned - > that you shouldn't be so > eager to find out a secret. > It could change your life forever. > I've learned - > that two people can look > at the exact same thing > and see something totally different. > > I've learned - > that no matter how you try to protect > your children, they will eventually get hurt > and you will hurt in the process. > I've learned - > that there are many ways of falling > and staying in love. > > I've learned - > that no matter the consequences, > those who are honest with themselves > get farther in life. > I've learned - > that no matter how many friends you have, > if you are their pillar you will feel lonely > and lost at the times you need them most. > > I've learned - > that your life can be changed > in a matter of hours > by people who don't even know you. > I've learned - > that even when you think > you have no more to give, > when a friend cries out to you, > you will find the strength to help. > > I've learned - > that writing, as well as talking, > can ease emotional pains. > I've learned - > that the paradigm we live in > is not all that is offered to us. > > I've learned - > that credentials on the wall > do not make you a decent human being. > I've learned - > that the people you care most about in life > are taken from you too soon. > I've learned - > that although the word "love" > can have many different meanings, > it loses value when overly used. > I've learned - > that it's hard to determine > where to draw the line > between being nice and > not hurting people's feelings > and standing up for what you believe.