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Things    that    I    personally    have    learned.....


To continue on with yesterday's topic ..I will now share with you some of the wise discoveries I have made over the years....

~You can get twice as much chocolate for the same price when you buy in bulk

~The Twinkies in the "Scratch & Dent " bin @ the supermarket taste the same as full price Twinkies

~The more important a "date" or "job interview" is to you... the bigger the ZIT will be on the middle of your forehead,or the tip of your nose.

~When you are running around the house clad only in your Winnie the Pooh Pajama top and your Granny Pants UNDIES..and expecting your mother in law any minute...don't just say "COME IN" when you hear the knock on your door...It is probably the UPS man ...always look out the window first!!(I do not think the UPS man ever fully recovered..He may even be collecting workmen's comp. now)

Still doing ok ..eating sensibly...need to get back to the gym..I have been walking ..HAVE A GROOVY DAY!

05/15/98 I love warm robs me of my is almost 80 degrees here..wee-ha!! The downside is it is "shorts" weather..and I have thunder thighs that are whiter than a wedding dress!! I wanted to go to the tanning parlor but never got around to it..just as well..I'd have to break out the weed-whacker to de-hair anyway...looks like I'm gonna be stuck in my plus size Gitano's for at least another month...they are getting baggy !!!!

05/19/98 I'm baaack!! I think this is the longest break I have taken between was strange not to sit here for a few minutes each day and and pour out my feelings of triumph or confess my sins to my loyal Sisters in Diettown....Healthylifestyleland...Starvingville.....

Went to my son's baseball game Saturday..a double header.. I made it thru 7 hours in the hideous(90 degree) heat .Wearing jeans..I'm still not brave enough for shorts.

After my son neglected to do his homework and begged and pleaded for me to ghost-write an essay for him..I reluctantly agreed.He has never asked me to do his homework for him I figured the kid was desperate! I sat down and wrote,in my opinion, a pretty decent piece of fiction(..I even took the time to add punctuation....instead of my usual... DOTS....) I was rather pleased that I finished complete with computer generated illustrations,in less than half an hour... I found out today the teacher gave the paper a B-

[B MINUS INDEED!!!! ] I demanded to SEE the graded the dear boy often makes a game out of agitating me.

"The teacher has not handed the graded papers back...but I'll tell ya right now forgot to indent" "Besides that I think I saw a TYPO"

"That story deserved an A or at least a B+ " I said

"the title alone was a work of art"~THE DAY THE LARGE LIBRARY LADY LEFT LOONEYVILLE~

his reply:"I've learned my lesson mom,next time I'll write my own story or I'll ask DAD ,he would have come up with something better than a LARGE LIBRARIAN IN LOONEYTOWN!!"

"that's LOONEYVILLE you little BRAT...GO TO BED!!"

Eating to live..not living to eat....

05/20/98 I am doing very well..eating sensibly.I have not been exercising formally . I know that is my main problem now.If I can just keep avoiding binges and force myself to work-out again..I will be all set for success.I felt great when I was working out at the gym..physically ,that is.I think the problem was all emotional.I had a hard time convincing myself that I "fit-in" @ the gym...and I looked at all the thin rock-hard women there and felt so hopeless...instead of thinking "I CAN DO IT" "I CAN DO IT" I was thinking "WHAT"S THE USE" hopeless,too far gone! ~I CAN DO IT~ I am going to chant this phrase out loud many,many times today!! I may get alot of people looking at me strangely ..but hey.. that's nothing new. Hang tough sisters!!! & have a groovy day!

I can do it! I can do it! I can do it! I can do it!I can do it! I can do it!


I am still here..I have been super busy lately...between baseball games ,helping my sister in law spruce up her home that just went on the market and all the other stuff ..I have been neglecting the journal...and I miss my daily fix!!

Remember the CDL training? That had to go on the back burner for a while because I did not get the tuition together in time for the classes. Also,my son expressed (much to my surprise) the strong opinion that if I went on the road all week like Daddy he would become the equivalent of an orphan.Then, I guess he remembered that he is a teenager and said"I'm too old for a baby-sitter..but go ahead if you want to mom,I will be more than happy to have wild parties with hot chicks all summer"( I did not mention that I know for a fact that his knees knock together and he almost passes out from anxiety when he stands within 10 feet of a "hot chick" ) I told him it wasn't nice to refer to attractive young women as "hot chicks" and he told me it wasn't nice for me to refer to my young husband as "my old man" The kid may just have a career in law ahead of him!

Dare I say this?? I am afraid I will jinx myself...I have been doing so well ..I have been exercising and staying @ 1200 cals a day...Could it be all the positive self talk that is giving me the strenghth to stick to the program? I am not sure...whatever it is..I just want to hang on to it!

As Always..stay strong sisters!!


self confidence:(noun) confidence in one's self or abilities self esteem:(noun) confidence in one's self...self respect

I have more issues than a magazine rack!! Today I am wondering why some days I have all the self esteem and self confidence in the world and others I feel like I am in the same category with pond scum.

Not to worry..right now I am in a positive frame of mind ..I have had so much willpower and determination I am literally amazed.What I am trying to figure out is what makes me fall into THE POND SCUM PIT OF DESPAIR "{could that be any more dramatic?} Because I would like to avoid it at all costs!!

My jeans are baggy...and I can't wait to weigh in because I am sure it will be good news.As soon as I locate the scale again.. I will weigh in. You may be wondering why I don't know where my scale is ...long story short..I was afraid that it would have a tragic accident and end up in several pieces like the last one so I asked the old man to "hide" it for me.I ransacked the whole house and can't find it. My scale could possibly be somewhere in New Hampshire right now 'cause I have a feeling he put it in the sleeper of the truck. Now that I think about it,My scale may even be arriving in a city near you ...

Take good care!!!

05/29/98 Still doing great..I hate to blow my own horn..but ..HONK HONK!! I am sorry..couldn't resist!! Have a 9am ball game to attend Sat. is my turn to do "concession stand duty" that is never a thrill for me.The year before last I actually volunteered to stand in the dug out( with many screaming kids and coaches who scream even louder) and be the team scorekeeper , for the entire season, just to avoid snack bar duty for one day.Standing for 3 hours in a 10x10 non-air conditioned shack to make french fries and hamburgers is not my idea of a groovy time.I had fun in the dug -out tho..Those kids were SO son was playing for the Braves'..and they were playing against the Cubs..well,about halfway thru the game...(the braves were ahead and up to bat) I hear all of the boys chanting in unison "LIONS AND TIGERS AND CUBS OH MY...LIONS AND TIGERS AND CUBS OH MY" I thought it was hysterically funny!! The umpire thought it was not good sportsmanship..and ordered them to stop. I swear..I had nothing to do with it.If you did not get a kick outta that..I guess ya had to be there. This weekend will be a real test..we are going out..and I must be strong!! We do not go out to a nightclub that often ..mabe two or three times a year..if that.But a bunch of the old man's relatives are in town and we figured what the heck. WISH ME WILLPOWER!! Have a Super day!!