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~RECALL DATABASE~: check to se if your car is "officially "a piece of crap!!

~EEEEEEElectronic MAIL~

GOOD    NEWS    SISTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Only ten more nasty pounds to go and I will be back to the weight I was in September !! Wee ha! I lost a total of 10 pounds in April..and I want to remind you that weight loss is not for sissies!! This is serious hard work! Altho,I must say, it gets easier as time goes by.

I have not fraternized with my ex-best friends Sara Lee or the Tastykake man. I miss them ,Gawd knows I miss them,but my eye is on the PRIZE. Soon I will not get dizzy when I bend over to tie my shoes. 10 pounds ago I needed to WAIT for three hours after I put my jeans on to actually know,the standard S-T-r-E-t-C-H time .

Remeber sisters...If I can do it..there is hope for all!!


Greetings Sisters...I know what you were thinking:" she must have went over the edge and ran off with the Tastykake Man" Luckily ..that is not the case! Altho I often daydream about truck-jacking the Tastykake Step-Van ...duct taping the Tastykake man to the inside wall of the truck...driving to an out of the way place and having a Tasty-Klair party!!

That would be a good commercial...I think I will write the corporate office and offer to barter my idea for a lifetime supply..

Well..good news about the family sedan..It is not the engine it was just the head -gaskets..what's the difference? About 4 thousand bucks! all I need to do is get the wiper motor fixed and ditch the rain-X and the squeegee! The only other small problem is that the only door that opens from the outside is the driver door.So when I have 4 passengers I need to stretch to open all of the doors from my seat.But I don't let that bother me,I just count that in as my Yoga workout for the day. Then there was the time the battery died,my friend was at the wheel and I pushed..hence The Ford Motor Factory Work-Out!

The other good news is that I am still on a loosing streak..I am down 2 more pounds..I think the grand total is now up to 32 pounds gone!!! 252/220/ and my next goal is 200 !! I am trying for 2.5 pounds a week.

Well..sisters,I am trying to pull myself outta this depression..Mother's day was hard...I thought of all of the scribbly cards I will never receive from Katie..I know I have Kris,and I am so happy to have him..but It still hurts...I think it always will ,just mabe not as much...someday.

xxooHang Tough!

A    Wednesday    night    chat...with    mommy's    little....

"Hey'd your game go?'

"It sucked ,we lost..too many catching errors!"

"Too bad..I was hoping it would be rained out and rescheduled so I could have seen it..sorry I had to work.."

'That's ok..ya didn't miss much'

' do you think I look? Can you tell that I lost weight?' ( I do a klunky ballerina turn..with all the grace of a football player}

'Yeah..I can tell,especially in the legs and face'

" 'bout my butt,I was hoping to loose some in my butt,notice any difference? My jeans fit,when they first came out of the dryer !

"Mother,I'm not going to look at your butt!! YOUR MY MOTHER!! For the love of God women!! When Dad get's home ask him to look at it..he married ya,so he HAS too look!! "

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Still holding steady..weigh in Sunday!!!!!~~~~~~~~~

HANG TOUGH !!!!!!xxoo