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Top    10    confessions....From    the    Edge........

1. I am not using HTML to write this page...I am using WUSSY TEMPLATES!

2. I recently began smoking Camel cigarettes.(don't ask....)

3. I thought about running away from home no less than 12 times last week.(I always imagine stopping by the Tastykake man's first,to make him an offer he can't refuse)

4. My idea of a sensible dinner last night was a pint of Ben&Jerry's and a King size TWIX.

5.During a typical parent/teenager argument with my son last night,I offered the following solution " Go live with your grandmother...I'll call and make your reservation!" (she ~wished him~ upon me several times during my formative's only fair!}

6.I am changing the lyrics to an old Paul Simon tune... 50 ways to MAIM your {Obnoxious} Co-Worker!

7. If I would have saved the money I've spent on Slot Machines last month I could have fixed the windshield wipers and A/C on my car.

8. I STILL think that I will win POWERBALL one day. My first purchase will be a fully stocked TASTYKAKE truck of my very own...I WILL PARK IT IN THE DRIVEWAY OF MY MANSION.

9.Hot sex with the husband -or- Lifetime {Television For Women}??..."honey...pass me the remote please......"

10.Calgon, cannot possibly take me as far away as I wanna go!!




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