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OCTOBER 30,1998

KATIE    JEWELL Patricia Martindale

I already bought you Piglett, Tigger and Winnie the Pooh

The cradle that your mother slept in was waiting for you,too

Your dad was so excited and so was your big brother Kris

Maw and Paw and Pop and I couldn't wait to give you a kiss

Mike and Jenn and all the kids were happily waiting for you

They knew that to your mom and dad,that you were a dream come true!

I know that RuthAnn would have spoiled you,and so would both the boys

We were all waiting to shower you with all our love and your toys.

But, came so briefly and you were just not able to stay

Like a butterfly lights on a flower and then gently flutters away.

Now all our hearts are broken and we are missing your sweet little

face...No other baby in all the world will ever take your place.

but we'll be waiting the autumn leaves fall to the ground

Then they'll give way to snowflakes that flurry all around.

And as the seasons change you'll wait in the heavenly sky

When winter gives way to springtime,you'll again be our butterfly..

The saddest day of our lives....


I sit here and reflect on the last two weeks and wonder if I am strong enough to make it thru...

It is so unreal to I have been having a nightmare and just wanna wake up!

I am feeling a little stronger each day..and I will be able to share the details soon...

Katie weighed one pound and 4 ounces she was 11 and 1/2 inches long born @ 2:09 am on Friday October 30,1998 She was just too tiny ...born way too soon She was a very pretty baby... she lived only one hour. I think my heart is broken...

If anyone has personally been thru a similar situation ..please let me hear from thanks

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