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I love My Guestbook!!!


I just realized whenever I am having a "pond-scum-pit- of -despair low- self- esteem -day" all I need to do is sign on and read my guestbook!! It takes less effort than the positive self thanks to all who have taken the time to sign it...I appreciate it!

I have decided on names..Joseph Douglas for a boy..(not too creative..those are the middle names of my old man...and my dad ,respectively.

For a girl...Katherine Jewelanna...or do you think Jewelanna Katherine sounds better?

I am seriously hoping for a it is I am seriously outnumbered and hope that when she is thru with potty training she will be a welcome member of the girlie team ...the team that doesn't have to LIFT the gawd forsaken toilet seat .....

Health is the most important when you light a candle..think "HEALTHY GIRL"

Work is going a little better tension and stress wise..seems that my written 2 week notice prompted a few changes...and for this I am thankful..

I am currently a prep cook..and I am thinking I'm not gonna be able to sling around the 50# box of potato's or haul around the 100 # trash cans too much I am thinking of cross training as a "server" {that would be a waitress in plain English} So..I think I would be a pretty good server..I have even been practicing....

"Hi..welcome to Ruby's..I am your server Kathy Lee ..The kids are in the back making clothes ..What may I bring you?"

" Hi ..Welcom to RT.. I am your server Cindy Crawford..Oh,you didn't recodnize me? Well,I am wearing a new shade of Revlon Colorstay"

or finally -

"Welcome to Ruby's I am your server Monica Lewinski I would love to bring you some dinner...but I have a date with Bill...gotta dash!" cool...

a    4    #    gain    one    month....


Oh..I know I should not even care about the weight gain...and I have only gained 6 or 7 pounds so far..but I am nervous!! It is my custom to gain LOTSA weight when I am with child! Now I really need to watch it!! I MUST STICK TO A HEALTHY AMOUNT OF CALORIES AND CONTINUE TO BE ACTIVE!!

I think I mentioned before..since I am starting out so big it is reccomended that I only gain 15 or 20 pounds ..that means I only have 13 more pounds to budget between now and the end of Feb. or first week in March. O GAWD!! Give me courage!!!

COURAGE TO STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM ARBY'S ..that is!!I went there Monday night and had the family size order of Jalapeno Poppers..originally the plan was to split the order with my mother-in-law...she wimped out after 2 poppers...and it would have been a sin to throw them away!! And I thought it seemed like a good idea at the time to have a Jamocha Milkshake..after all, the baby deserves a little full fat calcium once in a while...right?? Excuses ..excuses..thank goodness the only Arbys nearby is in the next state..and we only go there twice a year!!

I am greatful that I am NEVER tempted to eat at work..not that the food is NOT enticing..but when I am running around working ..eating is the last thing on my mind.I read an article the other day that said smell has more than a little to do with taste...mabe the overwhelming aroma of food all day{or night} curbs my desire to actually eat...go figure...

Well..the size 16's are officially too tight...definately in the stuffed sausage wardrobe choice category...I must keep reminding myself that this is only temporary...and I am not going crazy and throwing all caution to the wind..or becoming discouraged and having a "why bother what's the use attitude."

When I was pregnant with Kris I had a Garfield maternity shirt that said "This is just an excuse to eat!!" and boy...did I eat and eat and eat!!

I have to get back to my good water habits..I have been shirking..and drinking too much diet cherry 7-Up...very tasty!!

Tommorow I go for the sonogram..yesterday we heard the babies' heartbeat for the fist time..sounded good!! The old man asked the midwife "what about the other heartbeat?" I was lying on the table..and was in the perfect position to swat him in the groinal region!! THAt'l teach him!!

He started his new job today..He is now a driver for Toys -R-Us..this is a good thing ..he will be home every night instead of just once a week.Our Freightliner is now history...he has been home for the last 6 weeks or so..and he has been THE BEST!! coming to the Mid-wife appointments with me..running out to get me drinks in the middle of the night...making me coffee in the morning..or afternoon before I leave for work.Now if I can just teach him to do massive amounts of laundry,dishes and to scrub and wax floors...I'll be all set!

He needs to get back on the diet wagon..I am sorry to report that he has gained most all of the 40 # back..and he is upset about it! It is hard for him..because he doesn't get any activity on his job..he has to sit for 8-10 hours at a time...hopefully he will be more active being home more often.

Well...I may find out tommorow if it is a boy or a girl..EVERYONE...THINK PINK!!

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